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Wireless/Cordless Hyper Active
Wireless Hyper Active

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Wireless/Cordless Hyper Active


Save set-up time and a small fortune in audio cables to the end of a ballroom or across the yard.  The speaker system includes a 1.5” Titanium compression drive and a 15” woofer to deliver up to 300 Watts, via its Class AB power amplifier.  Features include RCA and balanced XLR inputs/outputs, direct microphone input, and an output for one auxiliary speaker.  USB reader is optional.  This outdoor-friendly system allows wide area coverage, due to its capability to be set up in a parallel configuration.  Each Wireless Hyper Active can be equipped with a transmitter to send the audio signal to multiple slave units, each up to 300’ away!

Size: 17.3” (W), 14.2” (D), 15.3” (H); Weight: 34.2 lb





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